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A review of Grande Communications Internet service.

Internet service provider Grande Communications is a relative newcomer in Texas. They have to work hard to gain customers because they are directly competing with the likes of Google Fiber and Spectrum.

If you live in Grande’s relatively small service area, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company offers extremely fast Internet speeds and a wide variety of family-friendly bundle phone and Wi-Fi packages.

In addition, unlike many other larger cable companies, Grande provides truly limitless service. For Netflix junkies, techies, and anyone else who knows they’ll go through a lot of data on a monthly basis, unlimited data plans are a great option.

  • Internet speeds of one gigabit
  • All plans offer limitless data usage.
  • There aren’t any agreements to sign.
  • Bundle deals that are good for families
  • A lack of readily available services
  • After the first year, there is no price lock-in.
  • Equipment costs may be involved.

Despite Grande’s wide range of standalone services, many customers prefer their attractive bundle packages.

Huge shipments

The “Double Play” and “Triple Play” bundles from Grande communications internet are the company’s most popular, as they include both TV and internet service on one bill, or TV, internet, and phone service on one bill. These deals currently range from $59.99 to $129.99 per month and include features such as TiVo integration, HD receivers, and premium channels such as HBO and Showtime, which are currently available.

Superb Access to the Internet

The standalone internet plans offered by Grande are just as good as the bundle discounts. A minimum of 300 Mbps download speed is required for all internet plans.

Massive TV bundles

Although Grande does not advertise its standalone TV packages, you can find information about them on the firm’s official website. Bundling is by design the most cost-effective option because of its pricing. Thus, you’ll get a solid channel lineup, a decent amount of premium content, and HD DVR support from this provider.

In addition, Grande’s phone service includes unlimited calls to the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico and reduced long-distance rates and full voicemail support. The best feature is that you can add phone service for a small fee to any existing plan with this provider.

Largest Selection of Channels

All of Grande’s TV-only and bundle packages include a standard mix of standard programming and premium content. Additionally, you’ll find premium channels like the NFL Network, Disney, AMC, Nick Jr, MTV, and Lifetime among the list of standard local channels you can access.

Grande is one of the few small, local providers that can compete with the Big Cable cartel in terms of sheer variety with their top-tier package of over 300 channels. There aren’t as many options with Grande as there are with, say, DIRECTV, but if you want a little bit of everything, they should be able to meet your needs.

Grande Sports options

ESPN, the NFL Network, and other standard sports channels are included in many of Grande’s TV packages for free to the customer. Beyond these standard channels, the company has recently started offering premium content geared toward football fans. The SEC Network, the Longhorn Network, and the NFL Red Zone are all part of this package. The NFL RedZone and ESPN can both be viewed online without a cable subscription, of course.)

In addition to these, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of general sports content. Users who don’t have access to the standard programming may be limited in their ability to watch other sports.

Exceptional Accessibility

Currently, the Grande service is only available in a limited number of Texas cities. Odessa and Dallas are among the cities that are only partially covered.

Value-Packed Bundle Deals Are a Strength of Grande Internet Service

Bundle deals from Grande appear to be a small company’s best bet for getting the most for your money. All plans are affordable, and they don’t skimp on the included features. TiVo’s DVR service is free, and the company’s TV channel lineup is at least as well-stocked as those of many of the major players in the industry. An additional $20 a month could be charged by other providers for this service.

In Texas, Grande offers faster introductory internet speeds than the majority of service providers, and it does so without any data caps or throttling. Grande’s lack of data caps is a major selling point for the company, as data caps have become increasingly common among larger providers.

Grand offers an impressive selection of reasonably priced bundle deals if you want to keep all of your services under one roof. What is even better about this provider is that it offers TV and internet services that are of excellent value on their own, something that is not true of many others.

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