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River rafting is an enjoyable activity. Specifically for people who enjoy water as well as Adventure sports. As well as, when it pertains to river rafting, Rishikesh is perhaps one of the most popular areas in India. Rishikesh is the location that brings in lots of visitors every year as a result of its beautiful appeal as well as its impeccable river rafting facilities. Rishikesh offers many excellent river rafting indicate rafting fanatics. Visitors can participate in secure and also safe rafting at any of those factors If you are among those that do not understand where to begin with, we’ve got your back. In this write-up, we will talk about a few of the very best Rishikesh rafting factors.

Listing of several of the finest Rishikesh rafting factors.

As we pointed out previously, Rishikesh has lots of interesting rafting points. Those that have taken part in river score in Rishikesh know that it’s a delightful experience. As soon as you enter into the water as well as your raft begins drifting, you’re bound to feel an adrenaline thrill. Below are a few of the most effective Rishikesh rafting factors.


Shivpuri is one of the best rafting factors in all of Rishikesh. The rafting season in Shivpuri begins with mid-October and also continues till June yearly. So, if you wish to obtain a great rafting experience in Shivpuri, you need to visit the place during this time around. The entire rafting stretch from Shivpuri to Laxman Jhula is 16 kilometers in length. And also, the best part is that it consists of several of one of the most intriguing rapids. Rafting in Shivpuri would certainly cost you no more than 1000 rupees. And, it consists of all your costs from taking a trip to Shivpuri to the expense of rafting gears. That seems like a large amount, right?

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is one more wonderful place for Rishikesh Rafting. In case you didn’t recognize, this particular rafting factor is very popular among corporate groups. The whole river rafting length in Marine Drive is around 27 kilometers and also is rather modest. It, nevertheless, includes some additional rapids than the Shivpuri one as well as stretches from Marine Drive to Laxman Jhula. Some of one of the most intriguing rapids below consist of Three Blind Mice, The Wall, Initiation, Club, Golf Course, etc. It likewise contains Hilton & Terminator, Crossfire Roller Rollercoaster, and Double Trouble. And also, for all this, you would just have to spend around 1500 rupees per head to boating below.


If you ever pertain to Rishikesh as well as don’t go to Byasi, it’s a huge miss. Being one of one of the most renowned Rishikesh rafting places, it lives on NH 58. Anyone can easily locate it if they take the Badrinath Freeway as well as keeps continuing toward Devprayag. At 30 kilometers, Byasi’s river rafting distance is more than Shivpuri or Marine Drive. So, it is rapidly coming to be a hotspot for rafting lovers. And also, the whole stretch of Byasi consists of a few of one of the most preferred as well as daring rapids ever. These consist of Sweet Sixteen, Crossfire, Three Blind Computer Mice, and so on. Consequently, rest assured you would certainly obtain a memorable rafting experience here.


If you are a fool for experience, Kaudilaya ought to be your go-to area. With a length of 35 kilometers, this stretch can make your heart avoid a beat. Simply to let you understand, Kaudilaya includes 13 rapids in total amount, including both Course III as well as IV ones. So, it’s no wonder that this area would certainly put your nerve and endurance to the test. It is mosting likely to take about 2-4 hrs to finish your trip. Rocks and the high, occasional waves tend to pose lots of difficulties to rafters. Nevertheless, when you overcome them, you would have a feeling of accomplishment. As well as, count on us when we tell you, that is everything.


While you are in Rishikesh, do not neglect to provide Brahmapuri a check out. At just 8 kilometers, it is the shortest stretch in all of Rishikesh. It likewise makes Brahmapuri the simplest amongst stretch amongst all. It only has Course I rapids, also youngsters can take pleasure in rafting right here. Newbies of any ages, from 7 to 65 years, can come right here as well as have a memorable river rafting experience. Some of the rapids you would deal with throughout your expedition in this stretch are Hilton, Initiation, Terminator, etc

.Devprayag Devprayag is just one of the very best rafting factors in Rishikesh. The river rafting stretch is 70 kilometers in length as well as takes 2 days to complete. On day 1, you would certainly reach Kaudilaya from Beas Ghat. After a quick night’s stay, you would certainly reach Rishikesh the following day. However, the expedition is a bit pricey and also costs around 8000 rupees each. So, you ought to just come here if you can afford it.

Final thought Below, we provided you a list of some of the most effective rafting points in Rishikesh. See them all immediately as well as get an indelible rafting experience.

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