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How Do I Choose Cat Eye Sunglasses?

Flirty cat-eye sunglasses have been loved for decades. The winged edges and quirky designs they offer make them attractive options. So, if you want to pick a suitable pair of these stunning sunglasses, keep reading. They certainly grab a lot of attention and make you look fabulous. Further, they are ideal for vacations, daily wear, party outfits, and more.

Some essential aspects to consider before purchasing these sunglasses are listed below. Read them all to make a fine purchase.

Pick Sunglasses According To Your Face Structure

The facial structure plays a vital role in picking the right cat eye glasses. Thus, knowing your face structure and selecting the right sunglasses will surely add to your overall look.

Sunglasses for Oval Facial Structures

People with oval or oblong faces are the luckiest! Almost every cat-eye frame and design suits this facial structure well. People with oval faces have proportionate balance and thus, have wide options available for them.

Yet, picking the wrong sunglasses could be a possibility. So, if you have a strong, broad jawline and do not want to accentuate this further, don’t opt for square, rectangle, or bold frames. We suggest you go for soft cat eye glasses with a rounder base. Subtle cat-eye frames with a sharp upsweep complement the oval face the best!

Sunglasses for Round Faces

A single sunglass design cannot fit everyone, as there are several facial structures. So, consider every aspect while purchasing your favorite cat eye prescription glasses. The frame must offer perfect balance and proportion to your facial features to suit your face. When the sunglasses resemble your facial structure, they emphasize features well and make you look fabulous.

So, people with round faces must opt for angular sunglasses. Further, for people with sharp features, pick sunglasses with rounder shapes. Most cat eye glasses offer angular upsweeps that help lift round faces quite well. Also, they make these facial structures appear shaped and contoured. Square and rectangular frames also complement round faces well!

Sunglasses For Square Faces

The ideal cat-eye shade for square faces is a subtle, narrow frame. Go for subtle glasses with round edges to take the attention away from your angular features. Right sunglasses can make your features appear softer; thus, pick smartly.

Sunglasses For Heart Face

In the case of a heart face, the best cat-eye sunglasses are rimless dual-tone cat eye glasses. They have several designs, patterns, and hues to suit every face. Pick the most suitable ones. Also, ensure you do not pick wider frames as they will make your lower face look even narrower.

Sunglasses For Triangle Face

Again, for people with triangle faces, go for sunglasses that offer more balance. Acetate sunglasses or rounded cat-eye glasses will suit these facial structures the best. You can also make cat eye prescription glasses with these options for the best look. Do not pick oversized frames but subtle cat-eye styles to compliment your features the best.

Pick Sunglasses with Latest Styles, Colors & Trends

Going with the trend is the safest you can play. Remember, the wrong sunglasses can send a negative message. In the 1950s, cat eye glasses looked great on almost everyone. They offered a feminine touch and classic retro look to attract eyes. However, with time these styles are outdated. Thus, picking the latest styles is certainly the best option today. The top cat eye sunglass styles you must opt for are:

Black Sunglasses

Black is an evergreen color. Even today, black sunglasses have been a top pick for years and are not going off-style soon. Thus, black cat-eye sunglasses will not just complete your fashion sense but also be a wise investment. Further, they also easily blend well with every outfit!

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are a major part of today’s fashion. They certainly give you value for cash. They are big and glamorous and make you feel like a celebrity each time you wear them.

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

The tortoiseshell sunglasses are yet another top pick. These unique patterns have been paired with popular cat-eye sunglasses for a long time. Further, people also opt for this famous design in their cat eye prescription glasses. So, to grab instant attention and fish complements, opt for this fascinating design.

Vintage Sunglasses

A vintage cat-eye sunglass frame is not going out of style soon. It offers fantastic looks and gives you the dramatic, elegant look you seek. These shades are ideal for exhibiting your personality and personal style. So, if you are looking for decent, classy, and rich designs, they are all you necessitate!


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