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How to Boost Score in CBSE Class 10 English Exam

In Class 10, students aspire to score high marks in the board examination. They tend to focus more on mainstream subjects and lack proper preparation for the English subject. They also consider English subjects for granted and score low marks. So, to help them with English board exam preparation, we have provided valuable tips.

Tips to Score High in Class 10 English Board Exam

Students should not ignore English subjects. They should daily devote time to English and study in an organized and planned way. Students should go through the helpful tips mentioned below and follow them while studying. Students should also refer to the MCQ questions for Class 10 English.

1) Get well versed with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Students should go through the syllabus right at the beginning of the academic session. It will help them understand the course design, mark weightage, and topics covered in the year. They can refer to the syllabus every time while studying. It will keep students’ studies on the right path. They can quickly analyze how many topics they have covered to date and which needs to be covered. Students will also get thorough with the exam pattern and questions papers design. Thus, they can plan their studies and create a study schedule for themselves.

2) Study from NCERT English Books

There are so many books available in the market. But, students are recommended to study from the NCERT English Books. There are two English books: the main coursebook and the supplementary reader. These are the most authentic books and are created after thorough research by experts. CBSE recommends students study from NCERT books. Also, the question paper is designed by referring to these books. All the questions in the board exams are asked from NCERT English Book. So, students must understand each chapter and try to write its summary. Students will prepare it thoroughly by writing The Book That Saved The Earth Summary of chapter 10 English Supplementary Reader – Footprints Without Feet. Similarly, they can prepare other chapters.

3) Prepare Literature Sections

In the Literature section, questions are asked from the NCERT English textbook. Short and long

answer questions are asked in the exam. To prepare them, students should go through all the chapters of the Main coursebook. They should try to comprehend the meaning of the prose and write its summary in their own words. Students can prepare the poetry by writing the Amanda Summary of chapter 4 of the English First Flight book. Similarly, they can prepare other poems as well. So, studying from the textbook will help students score marks in the Literature part.

They can get a deeper understanding of how questions are framed in the exam by solving the past year papers and sample papers.

We wish all the best to students! We hope these tips will help students in their English Board Exam Preparation. Students can also get excellent marks in other subjects by referring to the respective subject materials, such as chapter-wise MCQ’s like Power-sharing Class 10 MCQ, sample papers, previous year papers, etc.

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