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How to Fix a Cracked Windscreen: DIY vs Professional Repair


If you are restoring your car to a new condition or preparing it for sale, there are multiple homemade repairs that you can do. You can consider removing the scratches in the car paint, restoring the headlights and doing a detailed cleaning. But do you know that you can also fix a cracked windscreen? There are multiple variables to keep in mind when windshield repair is considered. You can consider doing a homemade project or booking a professional service. 

You probably have seen multiple homemade repair videos when repairing car wiper blades. Repairing your windshield at home can save you money and time but may not provide you with that professional touch. If your windshield is cracked, you can repair a small crack in your home. But, if the crack is major, you can look forward to booking a professional service to avoid multiple damages. 

You need the best car modification accessories for home windshield repair. A homemade windshield project can be affordable for small cracks and chips caused by pebbles, hailstorms or loose gravel. But, for major problems, you can consider getting a professional service. 

Things to Consider For A DIY Process to Fix a Cracked Windscreen

  • A windshield repair toolbox can help you repair small cracks, but a professional should look after it if it has a large crack. Repairing the windshield at your home may not be the most economical or safest solution. You also cannot ignore the damage that will happen to the windshield of your car. 
  • If you intend to repair the car windshield at home, the chances of losing the car warranty may be at stake. Your car’s warranty can stipulate that you might require the car to take to a professional service for repairing your windscreen. The warranty coverage may also expire with a homemade repair. 
  • If your car’s warranty has expired, you can do a windshield repair project at home. But you can also take the car for professional servicing regarding minor repairs to give that professional touch. Getting the windshield repair done professionally can save you money and time. 

Multiple windshield repair kits are available online, and you can pick from any of them. If you want to repair the windshield crack at your home, choose the best windshield repair kit when you want to repair cracks. The truth about using the windshield repair kit without experience is similar to repairing doors and windows. It can cause additional damage to the windshield of your car. So, rather than repairing your windshield at home, the best option would be to choose a specialist professional to do the replacement. It could cost you extra money, but it can guarantee the quality and service of the repair by a professional. 

Reproducing broken Windows in your car is a simple process; you can do it at home sometimes. But consulting a professional to help them look into the primary cracks and repairs in the windshield is mandatory. They can provide additional advice to prevent the spreading of the images and cracks in the car windshield. 

What Should You Consider When Making A Decision?

It would be best to consider multiple things when deciding whether to repair the windshield at home or go for a professional service. 

  • The time factor is one of the primary things you must consider. You need to review the instruction manual and multiple tutorial videos online to ensure that you are doing the right homemade project to correctly repair the windshield. 
  • Suppose you have tried a home windshield repair project and failed multiple times, and the damaged portion did not fill. In that case, hiring a professional will be the best option to prevent the windshield cracks from further damaging the car. 
  • The best answer to choosing the windshield repair at home or getting it done by a professional entirely depends on whether you want to take huge risks. You can always take your vehicle to a professional service that can ensure that the windshield repair is correctly done. It can be an investment worthwhile. Certainly, getting extensive damages in your car windshield repaired professionally is one of the best ideas. 

A crack in your windshield can be a nightmare for many drivers because they experience multiple chips and cracks every year. It is a problem that turns out to be worse with continuous changes in seasons and temperature fluctuations. The instant temperature difference can cause your windshield to crack due to stress, making drivers look for homemade projects. If you are unsure about repairing your windshield at home, feel free to get professional service which is usually the better option for your automobile glass. 


You need to know these things when you want to fix a cracked windscreen at home. Visit Carorbis to purchase the best home repair kit online at an affordable price and start doing the project on your own. Else, professional services have always got your back. 

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