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Indonesian Boy and Girl Names and Meanings

The birth of a child is a thing of joy in most societies and countries of the world. It is a reason for people to come together to celebrate. One of the most important things done after a child is born is to select a name for that child. A name is very useful in various ways and is used as the major means of identifying a person.

There are several names all over the world from different cultures and countries which can be selected for a child and Indonesian Baby Names are included. There are Beautiful Indonesian Names which are just right for everyone.  Some Indonesian names are very special and have meanings which cover different aspects of life. Making research on Indonesian Boy and Girl Names and Meanings helps you to select the appropriate one for your child.

When it comes to selecting a name for your boy child Indonesian boy names are some of the best. There are a lot of Cool and Cute Indonesian Boy Names which you can consider selecting for your boy child. The beauty of these names has led to a lot of them being used in other parts of the world. The common Indonesian Boy Names include Ahmad which means “Much praised”, Stanley which can be translated to mean “Stony meadow” and David which means “beloved friend”. Some other Indonesian Baby Boy Names which are very unique are Cahya which means “one who is the light in darkness”, Kritiono which is a name for a Christian man or follower of Christ and Pranama translated to mean “full of knowledge and wisdom”.

Indonesian Girl Names are just as special as the boy names. They include Islamic, Christian and non-religious names. A lot of the names are shared and common with other cultures and countries. Some of the Common Indonesian Girl Names are Maria which means “the wished-for child”, Irene which means “peace” and Sarah translated to mean “princess”. Other Indonesian Baby Girl Names are Maharani which means “she who rules the empire”, Mega which can be translated to mean “the girl who likes the clouds “and Puspita when translated means “the woman who has all the qualities of a flower”.

The beauty of Indonesian First and Last Names has led to them being used more often all over the world. However several Indonesian last names have maintained their uniqueness. Bulan which means “moon”, Halawa can be translated to mean “sweet”, Wijaya from the Indonesian word of the same spelling means “victory” and Sikumbang which means “black tiger” are examples of Indonesian names.

When it comes to selecting the right name you can never be too prepared. A name is one of the first things which a parent offers a child after the birth of the child and it helps to take time to select the right one. Having a list of Indonesian Male and Female Names and Meanings will make the process of selecting the right name for your child easier.

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