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Proven Facts on the Benefits of Marijuana For Arthritis Patients

There is an increase in the use of marijuana for arthritis patients in the United States, but what exactly are the benefits of using marijuana for arthritis? Here are some of the known facts. Cannabis contains both THC and CBD, the two most popular cannabinoids. These two compounds help patients sleep better and improve their general quality of life. Read on to learn more about these powerful substances.


Cannabinoids in Hrm marijuana delivery are considered a safe, effective treatment option for chronic pain, especially in rheumatic diseases. However, not all research supports the use of cannabis for chronic pain in rheumatic diseases, including arthritis. One 2017 overview article concluded that there was insufficient evidence to recommend cannabis use for chronic pain in rheumatic diseases. Another recent review found low quality evidence in favor of cannabis use in chronic pain, including arthritis and other forms of chronic pain.


The benefits of medical marijuana for arthritis patients have been lauded in recent research. The drug has been shown to ease pain, reduce inflammation and promote sleep. A recent study found that marijuana can significantly decrease pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Similarly, a study of cannabinoid-based pain relievers has shown that patients on Sativex experience a significant decrease in pain and improved sleep after using the drug. Additionally, studies have found that cannabis-derived plant cannabinoids and marijuana inhalation reduce pain in arthritis patients. The use of marijuana for arthritis is also linked to lower obesity rates, and a positive response to sugar.


The Canadian Rheumatology Association has set guidelines for using Marijuana delivery HRM for rheumatic disease. The study found that cannabis could ease the pain and inflammation of arthritic lab rats, but there is little evidence on its effectiveness in this disease. The researchers also found that marijuana patients were less likely to be obese, and their blood sugar levels were better. The study was supported by a grant from Spectrum Therapeutics.

Sleep quality

One study published in the journal Pain found that marijuana could improve sleep quality in rheumatoid arthritis patients. In the study, 319 participants were given cannabis-based medicine known as Sativex, which contained both THC and CBD. Although the results were not statistically significant, the marijuana treatment was associated with a reduction in pain and increased sleep quality. While the study did not find any significant differences between the groups, those in the treatment group reported improved sleep quality and Patient Global Impression of Change measures.

Pain relief

Cannabis has been used in Canada for many years to treat inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, but its benefits for arthritis patients are unclear. While marijuana is legal in most countries, some doctors still do not recommend it for this purpose. The Canadian Rheumatology Association, for example, published a position statement on medical marijuana that acknowledges the need for compassionate, empathetic guidance. The aim is to promote a dialogue between healthcare providers and patients about the benefits and risks of cannabis for rheumatoid arthritis.

Adverse effects

Although it is still illegal to use cannabis for treatment of arthritis, medical marijuana has been shown to help reduce the pain and side effects associated with traditional treatments. The most widely used drug for arthritis is methotrexate, which is a synthetic THC derivative. However, marijuana is not legal everywhere, so it is important to consult your doctor before using it. For example, you should check whether it is legal in your state before trying it.

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