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Self-Care Time: Tips on How to Work on Yourself during Work from Home

We are not here to tell you the Instagram version of self-care – the bubble bath, daily meditation, and face mask. Instead, we are going to discuss other ways to recharge your body that has got numb after working tirelessly from home.

We can ramble on days talking about how working from home has changed our lives forever. The coronavirus outbreak did not give us time to prepare our homes for the work transition that coming our way. And as soon as the work from home routine was unleashed to our office-going bodies, we were merged into the comfort more than we should have. Instead of enjoying the long-lost comfort from our lives, work from home routine made it difficult to fully concentrate on working and getting done with our tasks in time. Instead, many remote working employees had to battle new challenges like unavailability of high-speed internet, home duties, home distortion, and achieving the work and home life balance. While some found the easy solution of unavailability of high-speed internet service at home by joining hands with better internet service providers like Spectrum Internet Charlotte, the work and home life balance and home disruption are still causing employees to face long working hours and burnout.

So if like us, you’re also having a hard time relaxing and think too much about yourself or just build a simple self-care strategy for your mind and body then we are here to help you. We have discovered some of the best tips for those working from home to find sanity in utter chaos. Following are the expert suggest self-care strategies that will help remote workers and hybrid workers to get some time for themselves.

Put your phone on airplane mode

The psychiatrist Meredith Prescott from the Prescott Psychotherapy and Wellness in the New York city is allowing you to put your phone on airplane mode. We know how difficult that is. You have tons of people calling, messaging you every day, and putting your phone on airplane mode will be stressing you out. But trust us and Meredith when she says that putting your phone on airplane mode and for a moment ignoring all msgs, texts, chats, and notifications can bring you peace.

If you can put your phone to rest completely then you can try another hack. All you need to do is go in your phone settings and try limiting the daily usage for certain applications. If you are spending hours in TikTok-watching where people do absolutely anything and everything to entertain you then it is time to say goodbye to that scrolling competition.

Water, Water and more Water

When was the last time you focused on your water drinking habits? When was the last time you’ve followed your water drinking app? When was the last time your mind consciously remind you to have more than a sip from that glass? Seriously, if you want to bring your elegant self back into the picture you need to drink more water. Dr. Olarte says that most of their clients who look worn out do not remember the number of glasses they had the last time. While working from the office, most of us used to had over to the water cooler for some gossips and this gossip session encouraged us to have more water. But since we are working from home and there is no water cooler gossip session we need to find more ways to keep ourselves motivated and thirsty. Each day you need to remind yourself to drink water as much as your body needs. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs. you need at least 756 oz. of water every day.

Invest in good sheets

One thing that the remote working routine has done for us is that it has brought back the teenage years, and not in a good way. We no longer sleep at the right time or wake up at the time expected. This is because we know that we do not have to get ready and do not have to spend time in commute so our mind forces us to seep a little longer in our beds. While it might look like a harmless break from the corporate routine but in reality, having bad sleep is causing a lot more challenges in our lives. Jenny Okolo suggests putting in effort and invests in the best sheet that can help us get the beautiful sleep we need.

Lastly, Contact a Therapist

Just like you focus on your physical heath by going to the gym you need to put in effort for your mental health as well. If the self-care tips are not helping you feel better or adust in the new working style, you need to talk to a therapist and see how it goes.

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