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Why Website Security is Important for SEO Reasons?

Website Security SEO

There are many domains of the tech world where web security is given unanimous importance. Digital marketing is not one of them.

In general, website security is not a burning issue for most digital marketers. Matters such as content optimization, backlinks, and paid search campaigns are more important for the average digital marketers.

This approach is not without merit. There is enough reason the believe that content and backlinks have a key role to play in a digital marketing campaign, as do paid search ads. However, this does not discount how important website security has become for SEO and search rankings.

In total, Google is said to rank websites based on 200 ranking factors. One of these 200 factors is in fact website security.

Why is Website Security Important?

From Google’s perspective, website security is important for a number of reasons. The primary and core reason is the safety of user data. According to Delhi Courses, Most websites store user data nowadays, from log-in information to certain subjective preferences during their stay on the website. This information should ideally be private and remain between the user and website only.

Thus, website security becomes an important factor as the private information of users comes into the picture. A website with a secure interface is much more likely to be ranked high compared to an unsecure website.

Moving forward, we will discuss a few ways to improve the website security of an online interface and improve SEO-optimality as a result.

Get a Security Plugin

Even small websites are victims of regular cyber-attacks. Bloggers running their blogs on WordPress are no strangers to having their content manipulated and stolen by hackers.

The simple way to secure a blog or website is to add a plugin. A free website security plugin is likely to plug common gaps in a blog and thwart common hacking techniques used by hackers to misuse a given website.

Get a SSL Certificate

Top digital marketing courses instruct that SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is used in common reference to a certificate given to a website that encrypts the connection between itself and a user.

An SSL certificate can be bought through various online channels such as GoDaddy. By adding an SSL certificate to a website, digital marketers and bloggers ensure that the users come to their website can connect in an encrypted environment. While SSL certificates were earlier used by websites with a payment gateway, they are now used by content-only blogs as well.

Update CMS

The main source of vulnerabilities in most websites is the CMS. This is why WordPress constantly keep updating in order to meet new security standards besides introducing latest functionalities.

Thus, bloggers and digital marketers should make sure they keep updating their CMS in order to keep their website secure.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three main techniques to improve website security and enhance search rankings as a result.

About the Author – Ankit Singh is a newbie in content writing and digital marketing. He currently works for, a top institute famous for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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